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Welcome to pallar.org, the website for Devendra Kula Vellalar community. This is a non-political group interested in the social upliftment of the community through education.

    One well wisher from our community started the DevendraKV, yahoo email discussion group for the community. Within a short time lot of very enthusiastic and energetic people from our community who are interested in the upliftment of our community joined the group. They started discussing the various ways to improve the community. Group members decided that the community needed a website of its own to mobilise more people to get involved in the community improvement. And here we have it. Nobody is interested in our community than us. So it is our resposibility to improve our community. The only way to uplift the community is through proper formal education. We got it and it is time to spend a lit bit of what earned from our education to our community back. We believe formal education is very important to improve our self-esteem and liberate us from the sackles of the poverty.

    • To bring awareness about Devendra Kula Vellalar community to the world
    • To connect/network the people who belong to the community who have settled around the world, to help each other and the community.
    • To support the underpriviledged students of community in their education through financial and other means.

The website also contains various other information about the community such as history of the community, important personalities from various walks of life, Matrimonial sections for the community, and details of different projects undertaken by the members of this website.

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